• Episode  138
  • Derek Gehl

Episode Summary - Derek Gehl

What is the most important skill you need as a digital entrepreneur? The answer might surprise you. Because the answer is not what you might think. 

You see, the most important skill is not copywriting. It’s not web design. And it’s not coding. So what is it? 

Tune in to this special episode to find out. Plus, you’ll also discover an exciting opportunity for new digital entrepreneurs. Don’t miss this!

What You'll Discover

  • (0:50) What is the most important skill you need to have to be a successful digital entrepreneur?
  • (1:55) The true definition of an entrepreneur (not found in the dictionary)
  • (2:58) The biggest stumbling block preventing entrepreneurs from launching successful online businesses
  • (3:33) Success secrets of serial entrepreneurs (this applies globally, no matter where you live)
  • (5:15) How to start a digital business even when you don’t have a great idea (just follow this process)
  • (6:19) How to avoid entrepreneurial “A.D.D.” so you can stay focused on turning your ideas into a profitable online businesses
  • (7:44) SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY: A challenge to all new digital entrepreneurs
  • (10:40) BONUS: Find out how to get a free gift (a valuable software that helps build your business)
  • (11:08) An old american actors quote every digital entrepreneur should live by
  • (13:33) REVEALED: The hard truth about what separates successful entrepreneurs vs. average entrepreneurs
  • Plus a ton more!

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