• Episode  142
  • Carl Christman

Episode Summary - Carl Christman

Influence is an essential skill for being a successful entrepreneur. 

But how do you influence, persuade and sell to others when you’re an introvert? 

And how can you do it ethically, without sounding cheesy or feeling greasy? 

My guest on the Project Ignite podcast is Dr. Carl Christman. He’s the author of the best-selling book How To Read Minds & Influence People

And in this episode, he reveals simple, practical, and powerful ways to become more influential - instantly - even if you’re not a “natural born salesperson”

If you’re an entrepreneur (or would like to be), then mastering influence is a must. So take a step towards mastery by tuning in to this episode!

What You'll Discover

  • (2:42) How to use influence as a force for good (helping people improve their lives with better decisions)
  • (7:20) MIND-READER: How to crawl into people's skulls to see exactly what they’re thinking (works even when they’re not saying a single word!)
  • (9:45) This psychic technique allows you to instantly “read” people before starting any conversation
  • (11:35) MICRO-EXPRESSIONS: Small things to look for to determine how someone is feeling (and if they’re annoyed or interested in you)
  • (13:30) Can you tell when someone is lying? Just ask this question while looking straight at the other person's face (it will be so obvious when you do!)
  • (20:25) Discover the four most powerful keys of influence (and how to deploy them using the S.A.L.E. Method)
  • (25:35) How to establish your authority and credibility without sounding full of yourself
  • (27:25) DRESS-CODE: Why clothing matters in the world of influence (and what to wear for maximum impact)
  • (33:20) A simple way to get people to like you (Costco uses this everyday)
  • (37:14) Exclusivity 101: Why people want what’s harder to get (and how to leverage exclusivity even when you think you can’t)
  • Plus a ton more!

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