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Project Ignite Podcast by Derek Gehl Periscope Marketing Tips - How To Use This Social Media App To Grow Your Business
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  • Laura Betterly

This isn’t the first time Laura Betterly has been on the show, but it’s just as much of a pleasure to have her back the second time around. This time, Laura talks all about Periscope and Periscope Marketing Tips–the next big thing in internet marketing. The authenticity and intimacy that you can cultivate with this platform is amazing. We talk about setting your account up, what to put in your profile, how to begin your broadcasts, and honestly… It’s pretty easy!

Transcript of: Periscope Marketing Tips – How To Use This Social Media App To Grow Your Business

Welcome to the Project Ignite podcast, a podcast designed to skip the hype, skip the BS, and bring you straight to the real, actionable tips and strategies to help you grow your business and income on the internet.

Today, we’re diving into the hottest new social media platform out there–Periscope. I am no Periscope expert. I’ve done a few–and if you search for me on there, you’ll definitely find me. But honestly, I’ve been trying to figure it out. So last week, when I received an email from today’s guest, saying, we’ve got to crack the code on Periscope, do you want to do a podcast on it, I jumped at the opportunity.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had this guest on my show. She’s a brilliant internet and social media marketer. In fact, she’s kind of like the secret weapon behind some of the biggest names in the internet marketing industry. And most importantly, she used to play in a punk rock band, which I think is the coolest thing ever.

So without further ado, I’d like to welcome Laura Betterly, who’s gonna teach me about Periscope, and Periscope Marketing Tips, back to the show.

Laura, thanks for being here.

Thank you! You’re one of the few guys that are actually on Periscope right now. I saw you on there and thought, oh, we have to talk about this! It’s funny, you get a guy like Ryan Dice. He won’t do things until everyone else has proven that it works. That’s okay, but now is a great opportunity, just like when YouTube was starting. The beginning of YouTube, things that would go viral wouldn’t get ten view now. You’re at the beginning of a new technology that people are jumping on, and you can take advantage of that.

You don’t have to write copy, scripts and look beautiful, you just need a smartphone and a personality. And everyone has those two things.

I’ve been in Ryan’s camp, waiting for other people to blaze the trail. But if you can build your following now while the competition isn’t as fierce, that can be a great thing. Periscope is still a bit of a mystery, and I think everyone is wondering where it’ll go. But it’s growing at an incredible rate. Last I heard, they were past 10 million users. Do you know where they are now?>

I don’t know exactly, but here’s the thing that tells me we’re onto something. Last year, Facebook released an app for people with verified pages–for people that are considered celebrities in their area.

I know that you have it. The Mentions app. You can go live just like you can with Periscope. But, then Facebook revealed a few days ago that that would be available for everyone with a personal profile. So, when you see a big company like that jumping on this, you know you’re headed in the right direction. So when I teach Periscope, I also teach Mentions. Because it’s similar technology reaching similar groups.

Marketing and advertising is getting more at authenticity than it was before. Millennials don’t trust advertising, and they’re the ones with money. So this one on one relationship makes a huge difference. And you don’t need huge production value!

Let’s rewind a bit. There’s still a bucket of people out there that don’t know what Periscope is or how it works. I’ve been on there, and talking about it, but people still don’t know about it. In the great scheme of things, they’re up past 20 million users, they’re growing phenomenally, but that’s still a pretty small market.

Give me the breakdown.

How do you explain Periscope?

Very simply, it’s like FaceTime but with the world. You go on Live, and you can take it anywhere. On the beach, in your house, wherever. I did a scope, and I didn’t close my door, and my cat jumped on my shoulder. So she got online too.

It’s just as simple as downloading an app and starting. When you go Live, even with zero followers, people are looking for personalities to follow. Then you can tweet it and put it on Facebook. If I went to a concert, I could just go Live for a couple seconds and share that. You also have the ability, if you like what you’re seeing, to touch the screen and give “hearts.” And it’s a real time chat! People ask questions. I go online and ask what people need to hear. Or I go online and talk about recipes!

It’s turned into a pretty voyeuristic society, but there’s never been a better time for one on one communication. For me, I’ve done a ton of webinars and video, but this feels more intimate. It feels like I’m hanging out with people, and I really like that.

It does! It is so personal. I’ve watched a few people, that like, Joel Comm for example, did a Periscope the other day, and I’m pretty sure he’d just gotten out of bed, right. But it’s so authentic! And authenticity is so important in this day and age, and Periscope is so great for that.

Let’s drill it down to business. In a business, I use a social media platform to either attract new customers or engage with existing customers to move them along the customer life cycle.

How do we use Periscope?

It’s just like doing this podcast but with less technology. The one thing you don’t know is that you can save a Periscope video. Oftentimes, it’ll disappear after 24 hours, but there is other technology that you can use to save that video and you can post that video elsewhere. I love that you have your podcasts transcribed.

I know you didn’t do it yourself, but meanwhile, this forty five minute conversation is an audio on your website and iTunes, but now it’s an article. It’s the same with Periscope but with even less information.

How do I get started?

You need a smart phone. Apple or Android.

Download the app, get set up, it hooks to your Twitter account. Poke around, see what’s live, and then click the button to start your broadcast. It’s funny, a girl that works for me that got me turned on to Periscope, she gave me her training and I swear I didn’t opt to tweet when I was live because I was testing. When I start this particular thing, it’s always in the wrong direction. I had no makeup on, and my cat was on my shoulder… I wasn’t planning on going live and having people see me. Well, thirteen people wind up on there asking me questions.

I didn’t publish that I was going online. But they found me anyways.

So here’s where I’m a bit sceptical about Periscope’s notifications. I think it’s gonna grow, but right now it’s a novelty. And I think they need to adjust the follow. I’ve surveyed a few people on this, too, and what happens is, people follow you and a bunch of others. And then every hour, my phone is vibrating, saying that someone is going live. I’ve talked to people that download the app and then wind up really tired of those notifications.

I’m not even saying it’s the winning platform here. People are using Blab, too. I don’t know that this won’t morph. But this live streaming, right now, it’s not going away. Being so intimate with your potential customers and existing customers is the most important part of this. It’s a big deal. I felt differently. I did a few experiments, I let people know when I’d be on, and it was really interesting.

People were also happy to see me. They asked a ton of questions.

There’s huge engagement and connection. From a lead generation standpoint, because, it’s shocking to see that people just start showing up. Before you even have a following.They start engaging and asking questions and it becomes a conversation. When you start engaging like that, it’s so great. Last week I was on answering questions about outsourcing, and I had a guy ask where he could find more about me. I gave him my URL, and away he went. It’s a lead generation platform.

It’ll be interesting to see where it goes. What do you think about Periscope versus Meerkat?

I think Meerkat’s over. No one’s talking about it anymore. But what happens on all of these platforms…
So I get my scope up, we’re talking about Q&As. The feedback I get is that I shouldn’t just do training. It’s too formal. Their stance was that is not what Periscope is for. It’s for personal conversation and social interaction. What do you think about that?

I agree with that. We came up with this list of 100+ things to talk about, but if you just talk about the news and your opinions, people like working with people who are human. You like that I played punk guitar, but I also have a garden and I love to cook. I remember being on the street in Manhattan and seeing an army-esq truck that had a portable DNA testing sign on the side, with the slogan “who’s your daddy?”

You can’t make that up. That’s perfect for Periscope.

That’s so awesome. That’s where I think Periscope is more ad hoc, real life.

Everyone has a personality. Everyone has a phone. If you love something, you should talk about it and people will follow.

It’s very low key and easy, but the stuff that comes out of that when you’re figuring stuff out, some of it is brilliant. I watch Joel Comm, but I also love Gary Vee. He’s not even selling anything.

Grant Cardone has been doing really well on Periscope as well. Through the grapevine, one of the things I was hearing is that he’s gaining a ton of lead generation from his Periscope. They’re all ad hoc. They’re all over the place.

So off of Periscope, you want to drive video people to video. So if you have someone that converts on a video, you should send them to another video, not written content. Where do you stand on that?

I haven’t done enough testing to be sure. But I’ll say that most people these days don’t like to read, so it makes sense to me that they’d want more video. We have such a video driven society in comparison to sitting down, reading a book.

So my gut tells me you’re right there. I finished writing a script for a VSL, but it could also be a sales letter. And the thing is thirteen pages. People don’t have the attention span for that. The copy is amazing, but I couldn’t read thirteen pages of that.

I think that’s again who your market is. If they’re coming off that video, I think you need to stick with it.

Okay, so. If you’re not on Periscope, here’s your action steps. If you don’t have a smartphone, get one. Are there any that work really well for Periscope?

You want a great camera and a great microphone. I’ve been told that the sound and video on my Periscope and Mentions were great, and I use an iPhone 6+. I got a lot of good feedback. I know that the Samsung Galaxy phones also have some great feedback. I got locked into my Apple stuff, I’m an iHuman. But when you get set up, it’s tough so switch to anything else. So I’ve had the iPhone forever.
One of the things I noticed when I started Periscoping, with my iPhone–for everyone listening, you’re gonna need to use the front facing cameras, and the old phones don’t have very good quality FaceTime cameras. I was using the old 6, and I was disappointed with the quality. When I upgraded to the 6+, it was clear that they’d really upgraded that camera. That gave me way better stuff.
I’m on the 6S+ as well.

That being said, guys, you don’t need to run out and grab the newest thing, but if you’re a gadget junkie, that’s what we use.

Laura, I noticed that Apple released a professional grade iPhone photography kit. It has an Olloclip wide angle lens, a tripod, and it’s great. I also grabbed a Shure MV88 for a little shotgun mic that plugs into the lightning port. All of that combined made a great pairing.

And guys, just get started. Get something up. You don’t need to spend a ton of money here.

So you get set up, you get your equipment. What goes in your profile?

I don’t even know what’s in my profile. You can put anything in there. There’s no clickable links. I don’t even have my URL there.

When you’re making your handle, make it something that you’ll own forever. When I made a Facebook account for Mobile Local Fusion, which I released five years ago now, and is now dead, it took me four months to convince Facebook to let me switch it to my Laura Betterly Live page.

The only thing strategically you need to note, is what are you calling yourself on this? If you sell sofas right now, don’t make your username Sofa King. You might not be selling sofas in five years. If anything, the one you don’t want to do is lose a following because you disconnect with that business venture. This is a personality driven market, and in a few years, that’s all that will be left.

It won’t be the advertising of years before. People want value and authenticity. It’s part of the tap dance that happens when you decide if you want to do business with someone. This is a really good way, if you’re starting out, to just jump in.

Do you remember when we started, and we wanted a website and a lead capture and an email–all of those technological hoops to jump through before you could even write any copy? It’s not like that anymore. You’re up and running right away. And if you’re experienced, it’s even better because you have something to pull on.

I like that this kind of levels the playing field. You and I are just as important as everyone else on the platform.

That’s so true. I really like that. You can just download an app and be in business.

In the profile, I agree. I see people put up pictures that are not themselves, and that seems like a huge mistake. You need a picture of yourself. People want to connect with people. And in your description, I think you need to have something that will give people an indicator of what you’re talking about.

Periscope Marketing Tips

When you create your description, you can actually put little icons in there. I noticed that when I was looking at people, the users with icons are the ones that caught my eye. It does stand out.

As we’re walking through this, here are the steps. Get the app, set up an account, add a good photo of yourself, link it to your Twitter. That’s pretty much it.

Of course. When you’re setting it up on your phone, you can use emojis. That’s great.
It catches the eye. Something else that people need to be doing with grace and tact, is you need to be checking in with your audience, asking for shares and hearts and likes.
Definitely. You’re allowed to ask for that for sure.

That’s Periscope! It’s early days, you guys. Get established now. Here’s my take on it. Guys like Ryan, who we were talking about, will wait for other people to prove it. But here’s a differentiator. When you already have a big following, you can join platforms late and bring your followers with you.

If you’re just getting started, now is your chance to start building that following.

When platforms like this are in their infancy, you can wind up being the big players because there aren’t a huge number of people with huge amounts of followers. If you Periscope about cooking every day, and there’s only a hundred people talking about cooking every day, you’ll get thousands of followers. If your content is good, which it should be, you’re all set.

It’s a big deal. There’s a lot more opportunity every single day when it comes to this. I’m kinda glad that others are late to the party, because there’s more room for us.

One more thing I’ve noticed recently is that there’s far more followers watching you on platforms outside of your phone. People can watch your Periscopes on their Apple TVs. So guys, it’s early days. This is going to be big.

So we do our key things. We ask for hearts and follows and shares. Here’s something I figured out the hard way. When you start a Periscope, it takes a while for people to show up and then people will come and go. So how long do you wait before you really dive into content?

I dive right in. I’m just gonna talk. Do I see anyone here? Hi people, glad you’re here. You can’t just sit there and do nothing. You have to be talking. What a great way to develop a huge library of content easily. It’s like getting on the phone for 20 minutes per day.

You said something really key there. So you start talking right away. I don’t hit the meat of my content until I have people showing up–but you welcome people. That is so key. This is a conversation. Keep people there. Talk to them. Pre-frame what you’re gonna talk about.

So now let’s follow through. We’ve finished our Periscope, and our opt-ins. Now, posting your Periscope and leveraging it to create content. Tell me about that.

I get more views after the live event. And it’s only available for 24 hours. So there’s an app that allows us to keep a copy of our Periscope. There’s also a program that pulls in your Periscope feed and gives you analytics. We can see which devices people are using, all or that.

It’s also kind of nice that way, because if you post a bad Periscope, it’s only there for 24 hours. But if it’s great, you save it, and you have it for other content. There’s so many things that you can do. And that’s not the case with Mentions, you have to manually delete it. With Periscope, people have to watch it within 24 hours. You can’t bookmark it.

I totally agree. For all the listeners…
It’s called For everyone.
It will capture your Periscopes and give you analytics.
There’s also Katch.
Yes. That’s right.

The other thing I discovered, not on purpose, but, my iPhone 6S+ also automatically saves the video. I don’t know if Androids do that, but you might want to save anyways.

Also, I use something called Reflector, for my Mac, which reflects my phone so I can record right on my desktop. But that’s not necessary for people just getting started.

Yeah, there’s an option in Periscope to automatically save every video to your camera roll there. And there are programs like that, also ScreenFlow will too. They’ve got a function there as well.
I just did that very simply because I wanted people to see the viewpoint of me being the person on the Periscope as opposed to seeing comments and hearts. I just recorded it. I did the same thing with Facebook Mentions. But that’s just me.
Awesome. Okay, we’re running out of time here. Laura, thank you for being here and sharing so much with us again.
We all love you so much, Derek. I was following you before you even knew who I was. I think we’ve talked about this before, my husband was at one of your events and I was in and out of the room and that’s where we first formally met. There you go.
To summarize all of this, guys, take action. There’s a great new platform with potential customers. The only way to find out is by downloading the app and talking. Laura, you said it, in this day and age, authenticity and personality are so key to marketing. I think that’s an advantage that we have as small businesses over the big businesses.

periscope marketing strategy

Absolutely. It’s like the corporatism of big cities. Go into a mall and everything is the same. But when you find a great small business and entrepreneurs, they’re the ones building the world. This really levels the playing field and enables people to support local businesses.

Big businesses could do well with it too, I think. I think Tony Robbins is on here. He’s using holographs now!

Absolutely. Alright, so one last question. You’ve got a Periscope course in the works. Where can we get more information?
At When we’re gone with this, set up a URL to redirect people over so that I know they’re coming from you, so that I can acknowledge you for that.
Once again, thank you very much, can’t wait to have you back.
Thanks Derek!
As always, all of those links will be up with the transcript at

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Now! Apply that final essential ingredient, action. Get the app, start talking, just get something up!

This is your host, Derek Gehl, signing off.

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