• Episode  135
  • Alex Minor

Episode Summary - Alex Minor

Effective video marketing can make a huge impact on your bottom line. 

And in this episode, you’ll receive practical advice about video content creation and marketing (that you can put into practice immediately after listening). 

It’s with Alex Minor. An expert in video content creation and marketing. 

Tune in. Enjoy. And make sure you apply what you learn!

What You'll Discover

  • (5:25) What makes a great video? (This is the difference between ugly and amazing video content)
  • (7:42) Creating a “Video Business Card” for positioning yourself as the expert in your industry
  • (9:53) HOOK: How to grab attention with your video in 10 seconds or less
  • (11:45) How to create videos your audience actually likes!
  • (14:39) STOP TALKING: A weird way to keep people engaged with your videos... so they watch from start-to-finish without losing interest
  • (15:55) When it comes to content marketing, shorter videos are better (here’s why)
  • (17:50) Should you write a script for your videos? (Don’t miss this unexpected answer, it could save you hundreds of hours editing!)
  • (25:28) The ZOOM Call Strategy for creating video content (this is so simple yet, highly effective!)
  • (26:33) SECRET: How to choose the right music for your videos
  • (30:25) GO HERE to discover tons of music options for content videos (music you can legally use!)
  • Plus a ton more!

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