• Episode  134
  • Jason Wright

Episode Summary - Jason Wright

Funnels… funnels… FUNNELS!!!

This episode of the Project Ignite Podcast is all about YOUR marketing funnel. 

As you know, without a working funnel… well… a digital business simply can’t survive. 

That’s why I’m excited to present my guest, funnel expert Jason Wright

No matter if you’re designing a funnel for the first time, or you’re a seasoned pro, the funnel optimization secrets revealed on this show will help improve your conversions.

What You'll Discover

  • (14:13) A rare pricing strategy for eliminating competition and attracting better paying clients.
  • (16:00) If you build funnels for clients... this ONE secret will help make all your customers happy (works no matter what results your clients get!)
  • (17:50) START HERE: The first step for developing your funnel (skip this and the whole funnel will flop)
  • (19:15) Why the “back-end” is where marketing automation magic really happens
  • (20:00) How CHATBOTS and SMS can work in your funnel (and which one is better to use)
  • (21:14) The easiest and cheapest way to SUPERCHARGE the results of your current automations
  • (24:55) How you can avoid FACEBOOK’s ruthless control over your advertisements by using 2-way text
  • (25:30) How to eliminate deliverability issues with text message marketing
  • (28:30) The cool “surfer” secret for writing conversational funnel copy that sells
  • (30:30) Should you use ClickFunnels? The answer might surprise you
  • Plus a ton more!

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