• Episode  119
  • Bharat Kanodia

Episode Summary - Bharat  Kanodia

How much is your business worth if you sold it today? To find out, you would need a business valuation.

Bharat Kanodia is a business valuation expert (performing more than 4,500 valuations worth over $2.6 TRILLION in assets) and he’s the guest on today’s episode of the Project Ignite Podcast. 

Join us to discover how you can grow your business for maximizing the value of your company

What You'll Discover

  • (7:40) The 3 Value Factors: This is why people buy businesses (and how TESLA & BITCOIN get crazy valuations)

  • (13:55) E-COMM VALUE: How to create the most value in your online business (focus on this monthly metric)

  • (16:30) Say what? Why there’s a $4 BILLION valuation on a brand-new business… that’s NOT generating revenue!

  • (22:00) QUIZ: What are the 2 types of business buyers… and which one is best? 

  • (32:28) What venture capitalists REALLY look for when investing in businesses (and why it’s NOT profit) 

  • (33:31) The 40/60 marketing strategy for scaling businesses (GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, and AMAZON absolutely love this!) 

  • (34:21) Need a business loan? This “Soprano” secret will help you find the “good guys” while avoiding blood-thirsty loan sharks!

  • (38:30) The type of Ecommerce business that don’t get loans (before you ask, make sure you have THIS) 

  • (41:00) The “NEW” real-estate? See how this fast scaling technology is changing everything! 

  • (44:30) The ONE business model that can 10X your valuation
  • Plus a ton more!

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