• Episode  123
  • Sam Kamani

Episode Summary - Sam Kamani

Tech startups are notorious for scaling fast. But unfortunately, most of them fail. 

So what do 95% of the successful startups have in common?

Check out the latest episode of the Project Ignite podcast to find out! 

My guest is startup expert Sam Kamani. Tune-in for key insights and insider secrets for scaling your startup fast. 

What You'll Discover

  • (4:28) EASY: Why tech companies scale so fast and how to do it
  • (7:45) Intrinsic Motivation: Building your startup around pre-existing motivations of your market
  • (14:55) How a new startup is making investing risk-free and fun!
  • (16:00) Why 90% of startups fail... and what Sam is doing differently that’s working like crazy!
  • (20:25) STEP ONE: When you have a startup idea, do a quick Google search, and then... ask THIS question (don’t skip this step!)
  • (21:55) Over 95% of successful startups have THIS. 
  • (26:20) ANSWER: When should you quit your full-time job to pursue your startup?
  • (30:24) What you need BEFORE creating a prototype or minimal viable product (This virtually guarantees orders when you first launch)
  • (39:30) Success “sabotaging” mistakes startups needs to avoid
  • (41:30) WIN-WIN: The Golden Rule for Startup Success (Hint: It works by actually helping people)
  • Plus a ton more!

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