• Episode  121
  • Jules Dan

Episode Summary - Jules Dan

It’s no secret. Email is one of the most profitable marketing channels you can take advantage of.

But writing emails… can be tough.  

That’s why I invited email copywriter (and story-telling specialist), Jules Dan, on this episode of the Project Ignite podcast. 

Tune in to hear his expert advice on crafting stories that sellimproving your copy skills… and boosting your email results

What You'll Discover

  • (5:10) STORY: How the pandemic forced Jules to reinvent himself (and the exact steps he took for quickly becoming a respected, in-demand email copywriter)
  • (10:53) The most powerful writing exercise you can do for improving your copy skills.
  • (13:30) PROOF: You don’t need to be a english major to write great copy (Here’s why)
  • (16:00) We all know “stories sell”... but HOW do you write one? Discover this simple secret for crafting compelling stories that sells like magic.
  • (20:00) Before writing a single word of copy… take this step (your response will skyrocket into the stratosphere!)
  • (25:15) REVEALED: The Dan Kennedy secret for whipping-up copy at breakneck speeds (Yes. Copy converting beyond your wildest dreams that didn’t take forever to write!)
  • (26:01) If you want people to buy, just tell these stories in your emails (super simple)
  • (33:57) How to structure an email sequence and what to say in each email.
  • (36:50) Even the most compelling copy flops WITHOUT urgency. So use this technique for injecting authentic urgency (without relying on false scarcity tactics)
  • (41:09) The two hidden “sales” you must make in your copy BEFORE someone actually buys
  • Plus a ton more!

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